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Kendo Deuxglik was born in 1979 in Paris, he lives and works in Biarritz.





1991-98 Kendo started playing tag at the age of 12. The open-mindedness of his parents allowed him to freely pursue his desires and thus develop a limitless practice throughout his adolescence. This first step in this artistic field is validated by a 20/20 in the baccalaureate as part of the oral plastic arts exam. He chooses to present – against the advice of his teacher – his portfolio bringing together his works as a graffiti artist. The jury appears both challenged and interested. To celebrate, he will live in Harlem for a year among the graffiti legends of New York.


2003-08 In Bordeaux, he worked within the “ Peinture Fraîche ” group which allowed him to become professional. Enriched by his two stays in Brazil, he gave new impetus to his practice by tackling muralism. He created his first large-scale frescoes in the very heart of the city and no longer in neglected areas. The emulation of the group pushes him to surpass himself: know how to do a lot with a little and paint every day.


2010 Kendo reads various books on the cosmos and discovers with fascination the first images from the Hubble space telescope. He perceives poetry, vertigo and philosophical questions there. This knowledge brings an additional dimension to his work. He seeks to translate the immensity of the universe as well as the light springing from darkness. His lifelong taste for nocturnal atmospheres has finally found substance. From then on, he alternates between dazzling productions and dark surfaces. It was at this time that he began producing on canvas.



2012 This year is marked by his first major solo exhibition. A recognition of the artistic environment that he perceives as a consecration of the work accomplished since childhood. The artist presents, at the Borda Museum in Dax (Landes), a series of paintings (taking up the theme of the cosmos), ink drawings, an installation and creates a fresco on one of the walls of the building . The visibility offered by this type of programming leads him to take responsibility for his personal research. Projects within a collective are dwindling in favor of a solo career.


2015-18 He sets down in Brazil for the fourth time, still enthusiastic about the warm welcome from the Brazilians and their great freedom of action in terms of graffiti, muralism and street art. The artist is once again exhilarated and surprised by these aesthetics and this vitality that he has not seen anywhere else. The profusion of urban paintings transports him. The abundance of bright colors, as well as this harsh light from the coastline, mark his own artistic research. The freshness that emanates from his creations causes a form of liberation in him, both professionally and personally.


2020 Kendo finds his balance by the sea in the Basque Country where his daily practice of surfing gives him the satisfaction of a harmonious life. The realization of this dream of life, nourished by natural and positive energies, finds its extension in his paintings and wall frescoes.

KENDO Deuxglik


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